Below is a list of currently confirmed conference sessions:

Scott Hanselman
Keynote: JavaScript and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine (200)

Scott Hanselman
Intro to ASP.NET 5 (200)

Scott Hanselman
Scaling Yourself: Information Overload and Personal Productivity (200)

Daniel Fisher
Resilience Patterns and Defensive Programming (300)

Tomas Herceg
dotVVM: “Javascript” Apps With No Javascript (300)

Tomas Herceg
Roslyn – why should you care? (300)

Scott Hunter
Azure App Service Architecture (200)

Robert Pickering
Exploring Git Objects with F# (300)

Robert Pickering
Expression Oriented Programming with F# (200)

Clemens Vasters
Things. Homes. Cars. Machines. Factories. Streets. Internet. (300)

Adam Granicz
Markup-driven, type-safe, reactive web applications in F# with WebSharper (200)

Jan Delmanowicz
Geo-distributed systems – case study (300)

Michał Dudak
ASP.NET + Docker + Azure (200)

Jakub Gutkowski
Automate, then code (200)

Szymon Komorowski
Building Enterprise Mobile Apps with Xamarin (200)

Tomasz Kopacz
Azure PaaS v2 – Microservices, Microsoft (Azure) Service Fabric, *.Apps and of course – some “containers” (300)

Daniel Krzyczkowski
Windows 10 Universal Applications (200)

Karol Tomaszewski
JavaScript: Promise to never callback (300)

Kuba Waliński
Aurelia – welcome to the future of JavaScript frameworks (200)

Karol Żak
Adaptive UI for Windows 10 apps (300)

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