• I_sH-zvUScott Hanselman

    Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at hanselman.com for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon.

  • Scott_HunterScott Hunter

    Scott Hunter has been at Microsoft on the Web Platform and Tools team as a Principal Program Manager for the past five years focusing on .NET Web Development.

  • Hannover2015_as4829_Clemens_VastersClemens Vasters

    Clemens Vasters holds the position of Architect in the Azure Engineering Group at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. In his role, he drives technical strategy for Microsoft's cloud and on-premises messaging middleware platforms, Service Bus and Event Hubs.

  • PortraitDaniel Fisher

    Beginning of the nineties I started to assemble computers and configure networks. Automation lead to batching and scripting. Arrived on the other side of the trench the HTTP protocol is a constant companion.

  • a565c0b3ff81935d2afcccfee0b90f12_400x400Adam Granicz

    Adam Granicz is a 5x F# MVP and the author of 4 F# books, key F# community member and evangelist, and a regular speaker at developer conferences and workshops.

  • tomas_herceg_smallTomas Herceg

    I am Microsoft ASP.NET MVP (since 2009) and Microsoft Regional Director. I write .NET applications for more than 10 years and I have experience with desktop, web, mobile and cloud development. I own a small consulting company in Czech Republic.

  • jakub-gutkowskiJakub Gutkowski

    Dad, husband, blogger, developer, geek. Loves to play with novelties, learn new languages and libraries, avid conference attender, passionate about meeting new people, always willing to help.

  • jan_delmanowiczJan Delmanowicz

    Senior specialist and architect at Roche Polska Sp. z o.o. with 10 years of experience in .NET world. I specialize in the creation of large, scalable intranet portals hosted on SharePoint platform.

  • TomaszKopacz1_2014_5x7cmTomasz Kopacz

    Principal Technical Architect (Evangelist), Microsoft Tomasz Kopacz works with IT architects and developers and discusses with them how to build a good applications and how to select appropriate software artifacts in order to address a specific problem. An expert in cloud computing and .NET Enterprise programming.

  • RobertPickeringRobert Pickering

    Robert is an experienced software engineer, community leader and author of Beginning F# (Apress). In his career he has participated in a wide range of projects building large, scalable and fault tolerant systems on the Microsoft .NET platform.

  • DSCF7682-InstaKarol Żak

    Microsoft Technical Evangelist A former Microsoft Student Partner, the founder and ex-leader of Technical University of Radom .NET Group. A technology enthusiast associated for years with Microsoft and the IT community in Poland.

  • michal_dudakMichał Dudak

    Technical Advisor in Future Processing, specializing in web application development. Although he recently had a lot of opportunities to use Javascript for both client and server side, he still considers himself a .NET developer.

  • kubawalinskiKuba Waliński

    Kuba developed his passion for computing at an early age, playing Tetris and Civilization on the family's PC. He started coding in middle school, when he got his hands on a copy of Visual Studio and started playing with VB6.

  • DanielKrzyczkowskiDaniel Krzyczkowski

    Daniel is focused on mobile world. He is passionate about mobile applications and devices. He loves learning new things about mobile development. He is also Microsoft Student Partner at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology where he runs .NET Group.

  • Karol Tomaszewski2Karol Tomaszewski

    { priorities:['Christian', 'Family', 'Work'], work:['@Objectivity'], tech:['HTML', 'CSS', '#JavaScript', '#jQuery', '#kendoUI'], titles:['@GoogleUser', ‘@ChromeSympathiser’] }

  • me500Szymon Komorowski

    Szymon is a Software Engineer at Sii. As a student he cooperates with Microsoft for 4 years. Former leader of Junior .NET group at University of Gdańsk and Microsoft Student Partner. Currently as Microsoft Student Consultant. He is passionate about startups, mobile apps and productivity.

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