Things. Homes. Cars. Machines. Factories. Streets. Internet. (300)

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What will our world look like in 2025? Will we have flying cars? Not so likely. Will we have cars that drive themselves? Quite likely. Will they be electric? Maybe. Buses? More likely. Will a car magically show up in front of me when I want one? Not unlikely. Will my house manage all lights and temperature automatically and optimally? Sure. Will the kitchen make me a perfect fresh salad by voice command? Probably not. The fun thing about these speculations is that they are all intertwined. We won’t be able to make super-safe autonomous vehicles without the traffic infrastructure helping out. Electric vehicles will take all sorts of energy management smarts to work for everyone, as replacing all fossil fuels just like that would overstress the electric grid. The “Internet of Things” is about connecting everything together and making things happen that can only happen when everything is connected together. And all that needs to be safe and secure. In this talk, Clemens Vasters from the Microsoft Azure IoT team will explain what role “the cloud” plays in all this and what his team builds as a foundation for IoT solutions that need to work at hyper-scale.

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