Automate, then code (200)

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How many times have you thought ‘if only this was automated’ during the process of coding? how many times have you come across a problem of forgetting to run a script or, uploading code to the wrong server? My personal favourite though, is when somebody says ‘here’s your computer with a list of what needs to be installed as well as a list of updates to be made in the necessary order – let me know once you’re done so you can start your job.’ or maybe you’ve heard: ‘human error doesn’t apply because we have an ongoing process in place…’?

The more we delve into a project, the more difficult it is to automate certain processes. The costs of introducing automatic procedures rise the more reluctance there is – we already have a process and it is described, of course it requires a whole load of configuration, a special environment, authorization, cooperation… but it works. We also know how time consuming this is.

Thankfully there is a solution, but it requires discipline. Why is it worth being disciplined and what are the personal rewards and benefits as well as for your employers? Come to my talk to learn how this is possible and why it’s worth it.


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