Expression Oriented Programming with F# (200)

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This talk take a deep look at some of the basics of programming: expressions, statements, scope and how we represent data. We’ll look at these concepts to through the lens of a functional programmer to see how this, contrasts to the way an Object Oriented programmer might do things. We’ll look at how these ideas effect application architecture both “in the large” and “in the small”. “In the large” meaning overall system design and “in the small” meaning design of individual classes, methods and functions.

Once we’ve examined the basics, we’ll go on to take a look at one of the biggest problems faced by software developers: complexity. We’ll see how complexity can either be accidental or essential. We’ll see how expression oriented programming can help us avoid accidental complexity and help us crawl out of the tar pit.The examples will see will use F#, but the ideas will be applicable to any language that encourages the use of expressions rather than statements.


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