Call For Papers

Our Call For Papers is now open and you can submit your session proposals here.

Rules of Engagement:

After the CFP closes on July 15th, there will be a public session vote in order to understand the preferences of our audience and to point out the most popular sessions and subjects. Please note that the result of the session vote is only one of many factors we need to take into account while setting the conference agenda and the Organizer reserves the right to select sessions at his own discretion, using the popular vote only as a general guideline. In other words, the high number of votes does not guarantee that a session will be included in the conference agenda – this is not a popularity contest. The session vote results will not be published.

How do I maximize my chances of being selected?

Well, that’s a hard one.
First of all, you will greatly increase your chances if you submit at least 2 or 3 sessions. Unless you are a total rock star and the only person on the planet that knows XYZ inside out, there is little sense in flying you in for just one session.
Second, make sure your subject is popular, but not overly pop ular – if your session is an intro into ASP.NET 5.0, you have a hell of a competition to beat!
Third, make sure your session title and abstract are attractive and clearly indicate what you want to talk about – people who will vote for your session need to understand what you are up to.
And, last but not least, make sure you include a bio that underlines your experience in the subject as well as your speaking record from past events. If any of your previous sessions can be found online, please include a link in the Remarks section, so that we can see you in action.

What if my session is selected?

If you become one of the lucky few who are selected to speak at the conference, here is what you get:

  • Opportunity to showcase your expertise and boost your professional standing in the community
  • Free admittance to the conference (of course!)
  • Invitation to an exclusive Speaker Dinner on Sunday night
  • Small Speaker Gift as a token of our appreciation
  • If you present at least 2 sessions at the conference, we will also cover your T&E (flight and hotel).

If your session is NOT selected, still we will offer you a discounted price for the conference registration in order to thank you for your submission (the discount code will be included in our “Thanks but no, thanks” email).

Good luck!

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